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Corrugated sheet fixing systems | Sandrini Metalli }

Corrugated sheets fixing

Choosing and installing the right fixing system is a determining factor for the proper functioning of the roofing; according to the substructure and the type of product to fasten, the components required for fixing can change.

The available fixing systems are generally composed of: screws for wood, iron, concrete, self-piercing (or self-drilling), self-tapping, hoods, and finishing caps.

The main screws used for roofing can be in galvanised or stainless steel. A particular type of screw called bimetallic is also available, which is composed of a stainless steel body and a galvanised steel tip, which improves its piercing ability.

Sandrini Metalli offers a wide assortment of roof fasteners always in stock and can assist every client in choosing the most suitable product thanks to the support of our specialised technicians.

  • Bimetal self-drilling screws
    Screws for metal

    Fixing screws for concrete
    Concrete screws

    Steel Self-drilling screws  for wood
    Wood screws

  • coloured caps
    PVC underhead seals
    Washers and gaskets
    Foamed sheet metal caps
    Finishing caps