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Corrugated metal sheet

Sheet metal for seaming

With over thirty models, the available corrugated metal sheets are able to satisfy any technical requirement for the creation of cladding, roofing, and dry and load-bearing flooring. You can choose between corrugated sheets made from steel, aluzinc, aluminium, and copper, in single, double, or multiple span versions. All the corrugated metal sheets conform to CE standards and ensure optimal resistance, load-bearing, and light-weight performance.

Sandrini Metalli corrugated metal sheets

The available corrugated metal sheets are manufactured with different parameters to fully address the needs of the construction sector. A greater corrugation height guarantees increased load capacity, whereas lower heights enable the creation of self-curving sheets that adapt to curved support surfaces without the need for further interventions. Walkable corrugated sheets are also available, thanks to closely-spaced corrugations. Corrugations that are further apart, meanwhile, result in more affordable products.

Lamiere Grecate

All the corrugated sheets can be ordered with paintwork chosen from a wide range of colours, accompanied by sheaths, anti-noise or anti-condensation fabrics, or other accessories (connectors, etc.).

Sheet metal for seaming

  • sandgraf

    Standing seam sheets have always represented one of the most versatile and long-lasting traditional roofing systems. The absence of holes and the particular type of junction make it the roofing syst...