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Sandrini Metalli: corrugated metal sheet, coils and strips, architectural solutions

Sandrini Metalli, having specialised in the roofing sector for over 70 years, is a fast, reliable, competitive, and technologically advanced partner for all operators in the sector.

Sandrini Metalli does not only supply the highest-quality materials to its clients, but also provides personalised consulting in support of any particular need.

There are 4 strengths that consistently fuel the work of Sandrini Metalli:

  1. The desire and commitment to constantly maintaining a high level of quality in its products and services;
  2. Technical preparedness, which is vital to assisting all the client's needs;
  3. The careful research and preparedness of our collaborators;
  4. The continuous and consistent renewal of the range of products and services that we offer.

Sandrini Metalli services and products

Corrugated metal sheet

Sandrini Metalli manufactures corrugated metal sheet for every sector: roofing, cladding, structural floors, flooring over large spans, and load-bearing floors. These are primarily used in industrial structures, but are also increasingly in demand in a residential setting.

In a civil context, corrugated metal sheet, unlike traditional roofing methods, constitutes an extremely advantageous solution, from both an economic and a structural perspective: light, easy to install, resistant, and available in a wide range of colours.

Sandrini Metalli offers the possibility to choose between many different profiles, suited to different applications. What's more, it offers the possibility to customise original materials, colours, and finishings.

Finally, thanks to SANDnodrip and SANDcontrol, it is possible to provide an additional level of protection to the corrugated sheet, defending it against humidity, condensation, and noise caused by weather.


Coils and strips

Thanks to state-of-the-art slitter systems, Sandrini Metalli is able to provide coils and strips of differing width and thickness, made from the following materials:

  • Natural and pre-painted Aluminium
  • Zinc-plated and pre-painted Steel
  • Aluzinc ®
  • Magnelis ®
  • Stainless steel
  • Copper
  • Titanium zinc

coilsDiscover all the possible applications for the products supplied by Sandrini Metalli.