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About Us

It was the '50s when Nazareno Sandrini embarked on the journey that would have led him to the foundation of Sandrini Metalli S.p.A...

It all started from a small craft business in Piamborno, in the province of Brescia, where he devoted himself to repairing bicycles and small blacksmith jobs.

Over time, thanks to the entrepreneurial spirit of its founder and the excellent feedback from customers, what was once a modest warehouse turned into a steadily growing company, arriving – seventy years later – to deploy on four locations between the territory of Brescia and Bergamo.

Currently, production and warehouse cover an area of 35,000 square meters, but the constant search for improvement, which has always distinguished the company, leads it to expect further expansion in the future.

The experience gained over the decades in the roofing sector – as well as the professional passion passed on to the next generation – makes Sandrini Metalli, today more than ever, a reliable partner for all its customers. A company able not only to provide products of high quality, but also to make technical expertise available to support any need and problem.

This is rounded off by a large and well-stocked warehouse, which makes it possible to deal with inquiries as quickly as possible, a technically trained and attentive workforce of more than 140 employees, and an extensive sales network in Italy and abroad.

our strengths

  • image description image description Research and continuous fulfillment of a high quality level of product and service
  • image description image description Technical support to the customer
  • image description image description Careful selection and training of our team
  • image description image description Renewal of our services and products range
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Company values

Through responsiveness, reliability, and skill, Sandrini Metalli S.p.A. puts customer satisfaction at the core of its work.

Company values

Working side by side with the customer to devise tailor-made solutions to meet every need and providing expert technical advice and assistance at every stage of the sale, the company is the ideal partner for those who want to grow.

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Integrated Policy

integrated policy

Integrated Policy

The management is committed to implementing a policy that focuses on the full expectations satisfaction of those who intervene directly or indirectly to the entirety of our achievements (customers, employees, suppliers) and gives all areas the mandate to continuously and systematically improve the quality of service and product offered:

The Integrated Management System regulates the processes carried out within the Company in a systematic, planned, documented manner and aimed at achieving the following goals:

  • satisfaction of customer needs through the achievement of a high level of reliability and quality of achievements, in full compliance with the explicit and implicit demands of the customer and the mandatory requirements;
  • realization of works ensuring maximum flexibility to all customer requirements;
  • management of work in full compliance with the regulations on health and safety in the workplace in order to ensure excellent working conditions for all staff. In particular, the requirements of UNI EN ISO 45001 have been integrated into the Management System;
  • improvement and monitoring of the planning activity in order to guarantee the respect of the delivery times and the optimization of the realization times;
  • continuous improvement of its processes through their tools of measurement and analysis and through the optimization infrastructural, information and human resources management;
  • adaptation of the organization of the Company to the solicitations and the evolution of the necessities found inside or signalled from the external side;
  • creation of an internal "climate" suitable for the awareness and satisfaction of customer needs;
  • application of risk-based thinking as the basis for the management of all processes, so that expected outputs are produced.

The development of this Integrated Policy is based on the definition and verification of the state of achievement of the objectives set, on the dissemination, understanding and implementation of this Policy throughout the Company, and on the periodic verification of its adequacy and effectiveness.

To this end, each function is committed to:

  • ensure systematic adoption of the Integrated Manual.
  • train and educate the staff, for specific competences, in order to improve their professionalism, with particular reference to the qualification of the personnel in charge of the realization of structural products
  • streamline the organisation, work steps and information flow
  • planning their respective activities in line with the concept that, internally, each function is the client and supplier of other functions that are respectively "upstream" and "downstream" of it.

The main objective the company intends to achieve – through the application of the Integrated Management System – is to meet the needs of customers through the ability to identify and manage the critical points of all its processes, in full compliance with the general legal and quality requirements. In particular, the Integrated System complies with the requirements of:

  • UNI EN ISO 9001
  • UNI EN ISO 45001
  • EUROPEAN REGULATION No 305/2011 and subsequent amendments and additions
  • DM 17.01.2018 and subsequent amendments and additions
  • UNI EN 1090-1
  • D. Lgs. 231/01 and subsequent amendments and additions

Any divergence in Integrated Management matters that may arise between the company's Functional Managers shall be submitted to the Management for evaluation and resolution in accordance with the established Policy.

Costa Volpino (BG), 07.01.2019

Chief Executive Officer

Lorenza Sandrini

Sales organization

trade organisation

Our Sales Network is deployed throughout the whole national territory

trade organisation

Sandrini Metalli boasts a wide and capillary trade network, present both in Italy and abroad.

The company is committed to providing technical training to all its partners who, assisted by the company’s in-house team, are able to offer speed and flexibility when responding to customers.



High quality standards in compliance with current regulations


Sandrini Metalli S.p.A. boasts a range of products characterised by high quality standards and in compliance with current regulations.


Environmental Product Declaration (EPD)

Reference standards for quality management

  • UNI EN 9001:2015 - Quality Management System

Reference standards for the production of corrugated sheets

  • UNI EN 14782:2006 ce- Self-supporting metal sheets for roofing, exterior and interior cladding - Product Specification and Requirements
  • UNI EN 508-01:2014 - Sheet metal products for roofing and cladding - Specifications for self-supporting sheet metal products of steel, aluminium or stainless steel - Part 1: Steel
  • UNI EN 508-02:2008 - Sheet metal roofing products - Specifications for self-supporting steel, aluminium, or stainless steel sheet products - Part 2: aluminium
  • UNI EN 508-03:2008 - Sheet metal roofing products - Specifications for self-supporting sheet metal products of steel, aluminium, or stainless steel - Part 3: Stainless steel
  • UNI EN 506:2008 - Metal sheet products for roofing - Specifications for self-supporting copper or zinc sheet products

Reference standards for the production of corrugated sheets for structural use

  • D.M. 17/01/2018 (NTC 2018) - Cap. - Processing Center Requirements (Structural Steel Corrugated Elements)
  • UNI EN 1090-4:2018 - Execution of steel and aluminium structures - Part 4: Technical requirements for cold-formed steel structural members and cold-formed structures for roof, ceiling, floor and wall applications

Reference standards for materials used

  • UNI EN 10346:2015 - Continuous hot dip coated steel flat products for cold forming - Technical delivery conditions
  • UNI EN 10143:2006 - Thin sheets and strips of steel with applied coating by continuous hot dipping - Tolerances on dimension and shape
  • UNI EN 485-1:2016 - Aluminium and aluminium alloys - Sheets, strips and plates - Part 1: Technical conditions for inspection and delivery
  • UNI EN 485-2:2016 - Aluminium and aluminium alloys - Sheets, strips and plates - Part 2: Mechanical properties
  • UNI EN 485-4:1996 - Aluminium and aluminium alloys - Sheets, strips and plates - Dimensional and shape tolerances of cold rolled products
  • UNI EN 1652:1999 - Copper and copper alloys - General purpose plates, sheets, strip and discs
  • UNI EN 10088-2:2014 - Stainless steels - Part 2: Technical delivery conditions for sheet, plate and strip of corrosion resisting steel for general purposes

Reference standards for design, storage, transport and installation

  • UNI 10372:2013 - Discontinuous roofs - Instructions for the design, execution and maintenance of roofs made of metal elements in sheets
  • UNI EN 12056-3:2001 - Gravity operated drainage systems inside buildings - Storm water drainage systems, design and calculation
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Product testing

High quality standards and product testing
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